After a year's planning, the summer of 2010 is bringing a new roof to Comstock House. This posting is first in a biweekly series to show the state of progress.

The photograph below shows the status as of July 15. The old shingles on the west side have been completely removed, and new copper gutters are in place, protected with plywood against dropping accidents. Felipe Garcia of Ridgeline Roofing has completed shingling of the mansard portion of the northwest roof, and the peak of the roof is loaded with bundles of shingles to complete the west side. To the right are the towers of shingles that filled the driveway. The tallest pallete holds the Eastern White Cedar that will be used to complete the sidewall; all other shingles are Western Red Cedar for the roof.

LEFT: Sunlight blazes into the attic, sans shingles
RIGHT: Marshall Scaffolding built two sturdy towers, enabling us to reach the peak of the gable and step onto the top of the roof

LEFT: Master shingler Jim Scotchler completes shingling of the western gable. The half-round window was removed for repair
RIGHT: Contractor David Jessen applies sealant between the trim and nail board

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